Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Babywearing Danger?


The government is concerned about the safety of baby slings. They intend to issue a warning about their safety. Apparently there have been deaths related to their use. But, instead of a recall on the slings that are dangerous, the government is going to issue a warning about slings in general.

In my opinion, this is highly irresponsible. You see, while any sling used irresponsibly could be dangerous, that's largely true of any baby product. The problem in this case, however, is a specific kind of sling. You may have seen one. They look like big bags and hang about waist level. They cover baby with a lot of material.  Not only can mothers not see their babies, but all that cloth is right up against baby's face and can lead to suffocation.  This is not the case with other kinds of slings.

These carriers are a huge problem, and the babywearing community has been aware of it for a long time. Women active in the movement have been decrying their use and asking for their recall.

Baby slings are an incredible way to make a mama's life easier.  They can be both safe and comfortable for mother and baby.  They also encourage breastfeeding, bonding, help decrease baby's crying, and encourage both brain and emotional development.  But not these new bag style slings. With these deep baggy slings, there seems to be no way to wear your baby safely..

If the government would like to do something really responsible, they should demand a recall and tell parents to avoid the slings that are causing a problem.  Not scare women regarding babywearing in general.

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