Monday, March 15, 2010

Gentle Mothering Mondays: What It Is


Gentle Mothering is as varied as women who practice it. Some moms are more structured, and gentle mothering affects mostly how they discipline. For other mothers it affects every choice they make about their family from how they give birth to how they diaper their child.

For me, Gentle Mothering is an outlook. I believe that my children are unique individuals who deserve respect as human beings. I believe that by treating them with respect, I will teach them to respect me. The decisions that I make for them grow naturally out of that belief.

Gentle Mothering is not, however, permissive. My children have boundaries and expectations. I have beautiful children who act in age appropriate ways.  But age appropriate is not always acceptable.  The things they do are often a chance for me to teach them to do better. But that's what I hope to do: teach. I want them to learn as opposed to be punished. My kids learn from consequences.

The beauty of Gentle Mothering is that it not only works, but it never needs a disclaimer. I don't have to worry about it not being okay for my children with Autism. Gentle Mothering naturally allows me to cater how I parent, based on my children's personalities and even special needs.

Over the next weeks I plan to write about various aspects of Gentle Mothering. It's a truly beautiful way to parent.

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