Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Baking Bread And Growing Babies

When my husband acquired for me a breadmaker, he had but on request: Sourdough. We both love sourdough bread, so I promised to make it for him. Upon the advice of my California Bestie, I ordered a starter from Breadtopia. Then I began to educate myself.

Now I have a beautiful bubbly starter going, and have made two loaves of delicious sourdough bread. It turns out that I don't bake it in the bread machine. I make it by hand. There is something really special about feeding my family a meal with fresh baked bread that I made myself.


It's odd that I'm a gamer geek with a soft spot for gadgets and tech, but at the same time I love doing things that are terribly simple and domestic. Spinning yarn, knitting, baking bread by hand, and raising my babies.

Nursing Brennan

Tonight, after cleaning up the kitchen and the dining room, I ran a bath and spent some time with the boys. Ciaran (4) and Quinn (2) enjoyed it so much that (as usual) I had trouble getting them to come out. Part of me would have liked to have kept them in the tub for an hour. It's my time with them. I watched them tonight, after their bath, and I realized again how fast it's all going. I love being their mom. I wish I could just hold on a little longer, make it slow down just a little bit. I think maybe I'm going to blink twice and find them all grown and gone.

Quinn plays with a puzzle on the floor after bath time

I guess I'll need to take more pictures.  I don't want to forget how wonderful they are...right now.

Reagan and Quinn look at a book. It might be a pop-up Star Trek book, but I'm not saying. I don't know if I want my geek to show quite that much.

Ciaran and Quinn didn't exactly go to sleep.  I love that they've both taken off their pants, and Ciaran looks dashing in his sister's pink snow boots.

Piper and Bridget try out their "cool" look.  I think it's working for them.

Yes, I'll definitely need more pictures.

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  1. I love being with my kids too, even on the not so good very crazy days.

    There is something about watching them sleep.

    The pink boots are a nice touch.

    Note to self: take more pictures :o)

  2. I LOVE the pink boot. Your children are beautiful. So is your bread. Well done!

  3. It makes a lot of sense to me that you have the mix of high and low tech, because you care what *works*, not what is fancy (or, alternately, what is crunchy). Breastfeeding *works* for healthy kids with a strong bond with their mom. Hand-kneading bread *works* for good crust and crumb (and also, if you're like me, stress relief!). Internet *works* for broad spectrum communications. You don't want random gadgets or random old-fashioned things, you want the ones that get results!


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