Friday, April 02, 2010

My Husband Rocks

My Husband Rocks

Do I need a reason? Sometimes can't I just say that my husband rocks and leave it at that? No? Fine, then, I'll share something. Today I'm particularly grateful that when life becomes way too stressful for me to handle on my own, my husband shares the burden. There's plenty going on right now that's stressing me out, and I like to try to handle everything myself. Only then I also have no one to blame but myself if it all goes wrong. And when I blame myself, I get depressed. That's not the best course for someone who's suffered from depression since her teens.

But my husband not only can see when things are going wrong with me, he tries to fix it. He doesn't let me bear the stress all by myself, and he reminds me that I'm loved. Even if I can't always figure out why. I am so grateful for my husband. After all, he rocks.

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  1. My husband rocks too! What a blessing to not have to face this alone.


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