Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

I have not forgotten my blog. This has been one of those weeks where it seems like there is an endless pile of things that have to be done. And that's on top of the stomach flu moving through our family and the seemingly endless work (or at least laundry) that seems to come with it.

I think I've kept my humor and my sanity. I might have yelled once or twice. I haven't sold any of the children to the circus (though Piper and Bridget have pushed me close to that point) and I don't think I have any gray hairs...yet. So, tough week, but still a win!

I'll be back to regular blogging, hopefully tomorrow. If I'm not carried off by half-monkey/half-ony monsters.

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  1. I hope you're better very soon.

  2. I usually offer my children to the gypsies - so far my offers have been declined :0) There is far more than enough laundry in my world without the flu - I so feel for you. I hope all returns to "normal" for you soon!


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