Saturday, August 14, 2010

Serious Mommy Moment

"Give that back to your sister, it's hers.", "Take turns with that, you both need to share."  "There's enough for everybody, stop that!".  This is how I spend about a quarter of my day.  Encouraging people to share, take turns, and generally think of others and not just themselves.  So, last night, when I found myself scarfing down a piece of individually wrapped chocolate cake from the Target Deli, in the car, so I wouldn't have to share it at home, I realized I was torn between pride and total disappointment in myself.

But this is a Mommy Moment.  We spend all day sharing.  We give away our time, our affection, our money, our skills, our kisses, our patience, our love, and even our cake.  So, sometimes, just sometimes, we need that five minutes in the car with chocolate frosting on our noses.  Just to remember that we're still someone besides just mom.

Once in a while we need alone time, even if it's with a pastry, to remember that we can have something for ourselves, too.  I decided it's not selfish.  It's a necessary component to maintaining my sanity.  One day, they're going to grow up and leave home, and if I have lost myself in motherhood, what will I do?  And I'm not just saying that to justify the outrageously yummy cake.  Well, okay, maybe it's a little bit for that.  But can't I rationalize my behavior and be right at the same time?  I think so.
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