Friday, March 18, 2011

Mama Wants Cheese Fries, and Other Musings

Mama wants cheese fries.  All right, I'll be honest.  Mama wants food.  I'm not picky, I'm just hungry.  Call it stress.  Call it pregnancy.  Call it throwing-my-fifty-pound-weight-loss-out-the-window.  But I am very, very tempted by all things food (especially if cheese is in the title).

Not only am I hungry, but I crave coffee and hot chocolate.  My Keurig should really be brewing more than one cup at a time, though in fairness, since it doesn't, I do have to pace myself.  I keep forgetting that Liam is pushing up my stomach from underneath and slowing my digestion (isn't pregnancy fun?) so every time I eat (which we've established, is frequently) I don't always end up feeling fantastic afterward.

I should give myself some credit, though.  Today was actually a pretty good day.  I only looked up information on encephaloceles a few times.  I didn't take a nap.  I cooked.  I spent time with a friend.  I didn't completely overeat.  I updated my blog.  I like the new template (though what I wouldn't give for a custom blog design) but I wish the font were a little bigger.  I tried to play around with the size, but it ended up throwing off the sidebars, and no one wants that.  I think. 

I'm finding things to occupy my time.  From laundry to taking little boys to the bathroom a zillion times a day.  Yes, zillion is a real number, I think.  I'm even listening to Liam's heartbeat if I feel like he's not moving around enough.  Oh, and I have plans to go knitting this weekend.  Who says I don't know how to party?  

Now, I'll let you in on a secret.  I'm seriously thinking about getting my tubes tied when I have my c-section.  I mean since they're in there and all.  I have enough children.  I love the children I have.  I don't want to go through this kind of stressful pregnancy again, or risk that we might have a baby with far more serious issues than Liam has (his is serious enough, in my opinion).  At the same time, getting my tubes tied carries with it a certain sense of finality that while necessary, I still find a bit sad at the same time.  I'll come to peace with it, I'm sure.  But I wonder if anyone else feels this way, or if most women are just super happy to have it done with.  

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  1. I like the new look. I crave food and all things cheese, too, and I don't have a good excuse like a baby to pull it off. *hugs*

  2. If it helps at all Anne, we went a similar route. Chris had a vasectomy because after Kyle, pregnancy ceased to be a fun or exciting time for us. We are always scared, we are always stressed and it took a lot of the wonder and magic out of pregnancy. It scared me to make a decision that carries such finality with it, and I'm still a little sad, but I also feel relieved that I don't have to worry about another scary/stressful pregnancy and I know with me being back in school come August, it really was a good time to do it.
    And cheese fries sound really good! Shawn and I are about to have ice cream sundaes, but I would rather have cheese fries! Zachary is all about cheese and fried foods.


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