Thursday, April 28, 2011

Attitude Problems

No one (least of all me) can possibly be surprised that I ended up with a kid with attitude problems.  Honestly, after all I put my parents through, I should have more than one.  Oh, wait, never mind.

But I have to say, Quinn seems to be in it for some kind of prize.  This three year old child actually looked at me last night and told me to "shut up".  The kid has never heard anyone speak to me that way.  You know, because they don't.  But despite this fact, Quinn apparently thinks he's going to be a rebel.  A teeny tiny little rebel.  Poor thing doesn't realize just who he's dealing with.

I like to think of our little family as a team.  But, he should never forget, Daddy and Mommy?  We're the damn coaches.  And anyone who's ever been involved in a team sport should know, you never piss off your coaches.  I can't exactly make the kid drop and give me 20 (although, let me tell you, if I could he would have been giving them all day).  But there are consequences.  I treat my kids with respect and I expect the same in return.  

Once in a while he gets it.  Tonight, head against the wall where he'd been put yet again for not staying in bed and talking some smack to his mom, he stopped saying "no" for a while and answered every question with "yes".  Ok, maybe he didn't completely get it.

This child is freaking adorable.  He walks, he talks, he has the sweetest smile.  And we are a non-violent home.  But when his attitude starts to remind me of a 16 year old with a chip on his shoulder (yelling "fine" over his shoulder at me after being asked to do something isn't endearing) I understand why some animals eat their young.  And I hope I don't change my mind on that practice before he turns four.


  1. Oh, he sounds like both of mine!

  2. I'm chuckling now, but I think I won't be soon! ;) My Brianna is only a year and a half, but she has no qualms about letting you know she is displeased about something. I can only imagine what it will be like in a few years!


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