Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can't A Girl Get Some Real Sleep?

This man, is seriously messing with my sleep:

My wonderful husband is busy catching up on his Dr. Who, and I fell asleep during the Series 4 Season Finale last night.  Combine that with the start of Series 6, which premiered on BBC America the other night, and this girl spent most of her night traveling through time.  But not taking down Daleks or Autons.  Nope, I spent it meeting younger versions of my parents, and even my teenage self.  And then there was some issue created within time and space that sent teenage me on a murdering spree.

Does this sound restful to you?

Maybe it's really the fault of this man!  Er, boy.

Being all cute with his little kissy face and kicking me in the bladder all night long.  That's not particularly restful either.

This mom wants real, restorative, restful sleep.  NOW.  Please?

Anyone have tricks, tips, a dreamcatcher?  Anything?


  1. Oatmeal raisin cookies and warm milk.

    What about your sleep audio book thing?

    I also try not to do any heavy fluid intake an hour before I plan to sleep. Then I just sip during the night if I get thirsty.

  2. I wish I knew what to tell you. When I am not pregnant, I sleep wonderfully. Fall asleep easy, sleep all night... sleep all day. LOL. But when I am pregnant, I can't even lay down all the way without throwing up, much less sleep.

  3. PS, I wish that first man would visit my dreams -- in any past, present, or future incarnation. ;)

  4. You know, Michelle, if he'd taken me on adventures through the Universe, rather than dropping me into my own adolescence combined with a murdering rampage, I would have LOVED having him there. LOL

  5. lol I feel for you I really do! I remember when i had to fall asleep to Star Trek, Next Generation night after night after night. Get yourself and ipod and throw some soothing music on it, that should drown out the tv. And...oh my gosh! Is that a picture of your baby?? That is sooo cool! Wow I did not know they could do that, it's an actual picture! How beautiful and precious :)

  6. David Tennant is delicious.
    Sorry, that's all I got for now.

    Hope you get more restful sleep tonight. I always had strange and complicated dreams when I was pregnant.

    If you're still having fitful sleep later this week, you can always stay up and watch The Wedding.

  7. That is in fact a picture of our baby. We're going in for all these fancy ultrasounds because of his encephalocele, so they're trying to get us some nifty 4D images as well. When they did this one, his hand started curled up under his chin. Just like the way newborns sleep. It was so cool to see him doing something normal.

    Jeanne, He is most definitely delicious. Yum.


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