Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hey, It's Art!

I used to make crap. No really, it was crap. Coloring, painting, crafts, even a semester each of woodworking and metal working. And I created nothing but crap.

Sometimes I created useful crap. Like the wooden key-like thing that I made that would both pull out and push in an oven rack. I kinda wish I still had that. But it was still really ugly and very poorly made.

But now I'm a mom. So do my children make crap? Of course not! Now that I'm the mom, it's freaking ART.

It's a...um...well...it's a pencil holder!  And doesn't she look proud?

Daddy is gonna take Piper's...creation...to work.  He's gonna put pencils in it.  And pens.  And....whatever.  And he's gonna tell everyone that it's beautiful.  And in a way, it kinda is.  Because she made it.  And she's beautiful.  Even if this pencil holder does sort of look like an escaped textile from the world of Dr. Seuss.

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  1. Indeed it is beautiful art! Funny how that works huh?


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