Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Look! Shiny!

I have so many things floating around in my head, it's hard for me to pick just one to talk about. There should be tons to blog about, but somehow, I just can't focus.

I don't know what I want to share most.  Everything is so shiny.

So, we've thrown over the evil empire cable company in favor of a spankin' new Roku box and we're pretty darned happy about it. Suck it, Comcast!  Lots of TV and the loss of $100 a month in unnecessary cable costs.

My husband has flown through nearly all five seasons of the new Dr. Who series. And he thinks Amy Pond is pretty hot. River Song, too. He's now thinking we should call Liam, River. While I can see the appeal (Firefly and Dr. Who reference) I'm thinking that explaining he was named after not one but two fictional girls will be even harder than explaining to Reagan that I didn't name him after the President, but the chick from the exorcist.  When I told him that, his head spun around, and I was reminded that I totally made the right choice.

Some couple got married in England, it was on the news once or twice.  We caught the highlights and were amazed that people not only manufacture some hideous hats, but that others both buy and wear them.  In public.  There were beautiful hats, and I can't for the life of me figure out why some wouldn't choose those instead.  I'm looking at you, Princess Beatrice!  Stop taking fashion tips from Lady Gaga.

I discovered this week that while I like deviled eggs, the hubs not so much.  I think if I make them again this week, he might divorce me.

See?  Lots to talk about, not exactly a lot of substance.


  1. I know! I nearly died when I saw Princess Beatrice's hat. I described it to my husband as "something like a viking helmet made by a 5 year old in pastel pink." Also, her eyes want to steal your soul.

  2. They totally do! And Eugenie stuffed into her very unflattering dress. Why? And could someone please take the eyeliner away from those girls? They're too pretty to pile on that much make-up

  3. I love the name River! Of course, it makes me think of River Phoenix, not some set of fictional chicks :) Maybe you could name him Liam River, and then lie to him that he was really named after a dude (River Phoenix). I've never met a girl named River in real life but I do know a couple boys who have it as a middle name.

    Whoever made Beatrice's hat should be shot.

  4. I think that was a great post, excellent flow. Someeone got married? We overthrew the cable company too. Got an antenna for local stuff and our WII let's us watch Netflix. What do you use the Roku for?

  5. Angie, the Roku lets you stream Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Pandora, and more to your TV. New channels are coming, too. More and more will be available this way. It hooks up to the TV and wirelessly connects to the net. It's really handy.

  6. ROFL that hat would look great on my wall or a Japanese goth lolita! The hubbs and I have been watching stuff on netflix and hulu from my compy for a couple of years. I didn't even know that the royal wedding was yesterday if it wasn't for the couple of people who mentioned it on FB which means I successfully live under a rock. How much does the Roku cost?

  7. The Roku has several versions, the cheapest being $60. We went for the next model up, but it was still less than one month of cable tv costs for us. So, totally worth it!


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