Thursday, April 07, 2011

Perinatal Appointment

So, it's my first appointment with the Perinatologist since The Big One. The one where we got Liam's diagnosis and I started on this roller coaster of pregnancy induced stress emotions. I was and was not looking forward to it.

I had the same Sonographer as last time. She was happy to see me, since she'd heard nothing about Liam's prognosis and was not sure at all what had happened to us, or if we were okay. She was an absolute sweetheart.

Everything looked pretty good:

His growth is normal. He's measuring ahead, which doesn't surprise me at all. My babies tend to grow fast in utero, and I don't think they have my due date right. They're still going by my last period, and I ovulated early in my cycle. Yeah, all that FAM training didn't go away when I left the Catholic Church.

There was only one thing they noticed. Apparently with Encephalocele, they worry about the ability of cerebrospinal fluid to circulate. One of Liam's ventricles was bigger than it was before, but still within normal range. They'll be watching it closely to make sure it doesn't grow any more. Of course, I didn't ask what it would mean if it got worse, or what they could do about it. So, yay me! I'm not on top of things at all!

After the ultrasound we talked about continuing care and monitoring, the c-section, and I was able to ask the questions I did have. I'm feeling hopeful and as as calm as I can at the moment. I can't help but be scared. He's my baby.  Though, I gotta love that it looks like he's already trying to blow me kisses:

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