Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Is Against Me

I've been trying to blog for several days. No, seriously, I have! But for some reason, Blogger has had issues on and off for me and I haven't been able to. So, let me just give a run-down of the things I wanted to talk about:

The Casey Anthony Trial:
I wonder if my strange fascination with this case stems from the fact that I was once a young mom with a toddler who lived with my parents. I can only imagine how my folks would have freaked out if I didn't come home for a month and they hadn't seen their grandson. I can't fathom how the Anthony's can still have faith in Casey after all of her lies.  But maybe they just can't imagine how they could have raised someone so selfish and self absorbed. I never saw my son as an impediment to my freedom.  He was, but it was my choice to have him, my choice to keep him, and my choice to raise him.  So if I lacked freedom, I was to blame, not him.  I'm interested to see how the trial plays out, though.  Her defense is not impressing me.

Had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and Liam is still looking fantastic.  The measurement of his encephalocele has changed a bit, but the doctor thinks that's because it's being compressed.  It was longer in one direction and shorter in another.  He's still a very busy baby. As I type this, I'm watching my belly move as he rolls around inside me.

I was sent to Physical Therapy today for fairly severe lower back pain.  The therapist didn't seem to know what to do with me.  He suggested I come back and see a "gal therapist".  Um, yeah.  Maybe.  Because I definitely don't want to see you again.

The Knot Genie:
My girls have really difficult hair.  Fine, fragile, and thick.  I got one of these brushes in the mail today and will shortly be writing a review.

There's more, but that's a good start.  Maybe now I can do this more on a daily basis, so it doesn't back up on me.  Blogger?  Is that okay with you?


  1. Awww, hope blogger works better for you! So glad to hear the new about Liam!

  2. Welcome Back :) Blogger has been giving me fits also. I'm having problems leaving comments, it just takes me in a circle from signing in to click comment. grrrrr!! Hope your back feels better and glad little Liam had a good checkup :)

  3. If you wanna chat about PT, I know more about it than any non-PT. But I won't talk your ear off unless you wanna. I had PT for my back, and a million other things, not to mention working for a PT for 6 years.

    Either way, I hope your back pain gets better NOW! <3


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