Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fix

It's like crack.

When it's nearby, I need it. It's new baby smell.

I got me a baby fix this afternoon, holding a friend's two week old baby boy. He's so sweet and new, I just soaked in the cuddling and enjoyed the company.

I knitted some more of Liam's baby blanket, too. I want to finish it and sleep with it for a bit before he's born, so I can leave it with him in the hospital and he'll have something that smells like me.

There's magic in a day like this. Not just the healing and love that I'm putting into each stitch of Liam's blanket, but the company of such incredibly supportive women. It's healing and encouraging for me, too. And I will take all of that I can get until my own little bundle of addictive baby is my arms, safe, where he belongs.


  1. That is such a great idea! Not likely I'll have another baby but if I do, I am totally stealing that idea. :D


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