Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's Not Just For Cats Anymore

There are so many tools of parenting that have been helpful to me.  1-2-3 Magic, The Accountable Kids program, Time Out, Basic Common Sense.  But there's one tool I think not enough parents know about.

The Squirt Bottle.

It's not just for cats anymore.

Need the kids to focus and clean up?  Squirt 'em.
Need them to stop fighting with each other?  Squirt 'em twice.
Is someone mouthing off?  If it's bad, unload on 'em.

This has amazing results.  My best friend and I have even equipped ourselves with squirt bottles while chaperoning her teenage daughter's parties.  It's freaking brilliant.

It doesn't hurt.  It's just water, and it's a super quick reminder of who's in charge.  It's also silly and lighthearted, which makes it more fun.  Well, for me at least.  Sometimes it's the surprise alone that makes them stop what they're doing and pay attention.

We're not a spanking family.  But don't think for one minute that means that my kids are not learning exactly who is in charge here.  That would be me.  The lady with the squirt bottle.

Of course, I hope I don't need a nursing home for a very very long time.


  1. Are you serious, because I freakin' LOVE that idea! lol

  2. Hehe. Glad it is working for you. =) I have not had to use it on my kids in a while, just the dogs.

    Lilac Wolf. If the kids are extra frustrating, you can put an ice cube in the bottle. The extra cold really gets them alert to the point they are paying attention.

    It has saved me a ton of yelling and fussing. They get 1-2 warnings and then squirt.

  3. I am absolutely, 100% serious. This is one tool I have that has been equally effective for girls and boys, regardless of age. For Ciaran, that physical experience of the squirt of water is so much more effective than words, because of the Autism. I love it.

  4. The spray bottle works on husbands too!


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