Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Like the Birds, Baby

I have a lot of jokes about why I have so many kids: Yes, I know how this happened, but I've stopped borrowing my husband's toothbrush so this should be the last one! Why, yes, I am crazy. Every so often I just need six weeks off from work, and having a baby every two years totally does that for me. Every once in a while the house needs a good cleaning, and there's no better way to do it than by nesting.

That last joke, is really more true than funny.

I was starting to think Liam had kicked my OMG-WTF button so hard, that my Holy-Crap-I-need-to-get-the-house-ready-for-a-baby button might never be pushed. Today, I think he hit the nesting button. Finally!

I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, helped my husband hang a new shelf/towel-rack-thingie in the bathroom, bought a push lawnmower, mowed some of the lawn, put up new clothesline, and so on.

I'm hoping that at soon I'll start feeling ready to get out baby stuff. I realized I haven't bought Liam one single thing and I think it's that I'm still afraid that if I do, I'll jinx it, and he'll never come home. I need to get over that. Soon. Besides, I know that the truth is that no one can protect themselves from hurting when their kids are at risk in any way. Even under the best case scenario, it's going to be hard just watching him go through surgery.

But at least for now, a lot is getting done. And I think it's made me tired enough that I'll actually sleep well tonight.


  1. We always say we said we would stop when we get an ugly one or if they had as much fun as we do *wink wink* they would have 6 too.

  2. The thing that I can never get over is that you guys only have 6 weeks! Up here we have a full year...♥

    Hope you sleep good!

  3. I've totally used the "ugly one" comment, too, E.

    Stacy, you Canadians get all the cool stuff like health care and a year of maternity leave. I'm jealous.

  4. When i had my second baby, I was only off for 4 weeks. They kept calling me constantly with problems, so I just went back to work. lol I can't believe Canada gets a year! They really do get all the good stuff...lets move to Canada. hahaha And honee...they perform the most amazing medical procedures on newborns and little Liam is going to come home. I can't even begin to imagine how worried and scared you must feel, but think only positive thoughts and don't bring the negative to you. If I were you, I would get out the baby stuff and set everything up. If you're getting the "nesting" instinct, it's not far off. I got that with every one of my babies and everything had to be spotless and perfectly organized and cleaned. lol Kinda cool isn't it, that we as humans have the nesting instict also. :) ((((Hugs))))

  5. Imagine the damage we could do if the two of us descended upon a place with our nesting instincts. It could be dangerous. Sparkly, but dangerous.

    I keep looking around going "No way is there a baby shower here in a week! ACK!" My list of things I want to get done keeps growing, and so does my butt as I sit around eating oatmeal raisin cookies and relaxing. Oops!

    I hope you can come to terms with buying something for Liam. <3 With all of us praying and thinking of him all the time, he will be okay! <3


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