Monday, May 30, 2011

Make Way For Ducklings

If there is something much cuter than a baby duckling, please don't tell me. I think my head might explode.

I was waiting in the car this afternoon for the 13 year old to get in so I could take him to his friend's house, when I heard the sweetest little...chirp-quack. I looked down from the van window and saw...a duckling. Then I saw seven more.

Their mother was on the other side of the neighboring fence (the house is currently a foreclosure sale, and unoccupied) and every so often she would call them back where they'd all fall in line. She'd look them over, lead them around a bit, and then let them all run off again.

I made the girls come out and look. The ducklings came almost right up to us. Then their mama would quack for them and they'd run off to her. I swear, they were cute enough to put in our pockets and take home.

I'm hoping they come back, as I'd love for the boys to all see them, too. It's entirely possible that they're living underneath the neighbors deck.  But I'm glad the girls at least, got to watch them for a bit. Sometimes I get frustrated living in Minnesota where the weather always seems a bit wonky and I still don't feel much like I fit in. But I must say, I definitely feel a bit closer to nature here, where I can see it regularly in my own back yard.

And the cute!  Good God, I could drown in the downy, fuzzy, cute!

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  1. Oh so sweet! My kids would have loved that! Sometimes it's the simple things that make the best memories.


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