Saturday, May 07, 2011

Spectrum Saturdays: A Week In Autism

This has actually been a pretty good week.  Ciaran's language seems to be taking off again, and the things he's saying can be kind of amusing.  Things like "Knock it off, both of you!" to his dad and me.  Gee, I wonder where he might have heard that before.  
While affection is sometimes hard for kids with Autism, Ciaran has been really affectionate with his dad and me.  I know some of it is a desire for sensory input.  He likes good, long, strong hugs.  But they're still pretty wonderful, in my opinion.  He's also started to become affectionate toward my belly.  The idea that there's a baby in there is kind of abstract for a little kid whose communication skills are limited.  But he keeps pointing to my tummy, explaining that there's a baby in there, and kissing it.  

I think sometimes we Spectrum Moms take a lot our blog time  explaining how difficult it can be to do the best for our kids with Autism.  But I think it's good for people to know that we have lots of good times, too.  Weeks where our kids come along with their language, or reveal a sense of humor that's developing in a way we didn't know.  Or we find out that they have memorized all of Toy Story 3.  

Now, how do I get him to memorize his age, phone number, and address?  I wonder if I can get Buzz Lightyear to teach him...


  1. ((Hugs)) I know it has to be both challenging and rewarding raising a child with autism. I'm glad he's making some more progress. :) Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. Yay Ciaran! I think buzz would be good at that. Mickey Mouse taught Jule to stay in bed when I tuck her in. What a good outlook you have. Happy Mothers Day to you good Mama. :o)


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