Monday, July 25, 2011

Magical Mommy Mondays: A Healing Kiss

I've always thought there was a certain amount of Mommy Magic in a kiss.  How many of our kids really seem to feel better after we've laid lips on their "owie"?  Mine can go from sobbing mess to off and playing in seconds flat with a well placed Mommy-Kiss.

Usually when one of my kids hurts themselves, I rub my hands together to work up a little energy, and then I rub it into their sore spot gently, with a healing intent.  Afterward I seal it with a kiss.  Thus, it becomes a tiny and pretty darned effective work.

But what about when the "owie" is a lot bigger?  Say, a baby who's had brain surgery?  Daily, I would raise energy and lay my hands on Liam's head, picturing his brain functioning normally.  He was healing beautifully, and doing everything he was supposed to.  But the fluid began to accumulate in his ventricles.  I decided it should be a family project.  I told each of the kids that, with every kiss we gave to Liam, we'd give him a little bit of healing magic.  Every kiss became a spell and a prayer for the fluid to decrease.

Whatever the outcome of Spellwork on the physical realm, it has a very powerful effect on the psyche.  There is so little we, as a family, could do for Liam.  Love him, kiss him, that was well within our control.  So, kiss him we did.  There might not be so kissed a baby in all of North America.  Not just Mommy and Daddy, but all his brothers and sisters, kissed his little head repeatedly, throughout the day.

Our latest ultrasound shows that the fluid has (for now at least) stabilized.  And I noticed the other day (when our pediatrician pointed it out) that his forehead, which has previously bulged out under the pressure from inside his head, has gone flat.  There's no skull there at the top of his forehead, so it doesn't feel exactly like another baby's head might feel.  But it's so much better!

We may not always need to use our Mommy Magic for such big things.  But big or small, there is no one for whom our magic is better used, than kiddos.

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  1. ...and the faith of a child in that mommy kiss is amazing. I remember explaining to my two year pld about why we can't just run out in the street and she looked up at me after my narrative of big fast cars and trucks making big owies, and said "and then mommy kiss it all better!"


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