Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mothers Bag of Tricks

Please tell me you've been there. It's 4 am and you've nursed so long that your breasts are nothing more than deflated balloons hanging from your torso. You've rocked, burped, bounced, and held your baby. You've changed their diaper. They don't want to be picked up, but God forbid you should put them down. They let out another cry with it's implied "Mommy fix it!" and it starts to feel personal.

If you've never been there, please, lie to me.

Obviously, I've done this whole baby thing before. At this point, I felt like I was getting pretty good at it. I think Liam is Mother Nature's way of reminding me of where I stand. You see, if he doesn't want to eat, doesn't need changed, doesn't want to be held, isn't gassy and doesn't want to be put down...that's kind of all I've got. As I write this, he's on my chest, all wrapped up in a sling, and screaming at me as if I've pinched him. What the hell? This chair rocks, so I type, rock, listen, and hope that soon he gets tired, and maybe we all can sleep. Maybe.

Today was supposed to be a giveaway post. But that will have to wait until next week. I just don't have it in me today.

I love this baby so much, and I'm so grateful he's here. But he's exhausted this mom's bag of tricks. So, I'll just keep trying to comfort him until he's comforted, and remind myself that it's really not personal. He is a high needs baby.


  1. It sounds just like my first baby. He would cry and cry and it was so hard to know that all I could do after going over the checklist was cuddle him. Breaks Mama's heart. But they heal you with their little smiles and one day the crying for hours time has past. Hugs and extra strength for you Mama. <3

  2. Will was my high needs baby. It was so hard. I'd get Ellie asleep and still have to hold/rock comfort Will constantly. It took us until he was 6 months old to discover he had acid reflux. You will survive this! It's hard but you are an awesome Mom and you will get through this!

  3. Yep. Been there, done that, guessing I'll have brand new stories of doing it again in a month and a half or so.

    It's all worth it, as we both know, but even knowing that doesn't always make it easier while you're in the middle of it. I think it does add to the determination to just put your head down and DO it, even though it's not easy.

    I hope it gets easier soon.

  4. Could he be in pain? From, y'know, everything? I know our fav pediatrician will know best on that.

  5. oh yes, I have been there. And my boys are 2 and 5 now and I still have those moments when I just don't know what to do to make everyone happy. Oh well, you are right it reminds us where we stand. lol Thanks!

  6. When I would have dairy- My E would scream! It was bad. The first 4 months of life consisted of about 3-4 hours of screaming a day. Usually from 4pm-8pm. BTDT!!!!

  7. reading this post made me miss having a newborn. enjoy it, mama, it goes by way too fast!

    (melinda from zombieknits)


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