Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meditating Mama

Meditating Mama Meditates. This kind of sentence has become popular in my house. Things like "Angry Brennan is Angry" and "Sleepy Liam is Sleepy" are common. My children enjoy their ability to state the obvious. And as weird as it sounds, I kinda like it. That may change as they completely wear it out, but for now I'm good.

I have been putting off my giveaway post, but I'll likely put it up tomorrow. I think it will be my last. As much fun as it is to give something away, and even have a few new people check out my blog, it's not really what I got into this for. This blog has been a journal of homeschooling, a storage place for family stories, and a place where I've been able to pour out what is happening in my life. I poke at these stories, these thoughts, and these experiences and hopefully gain some insight.

It would be nice if insight into oneself could also be remembered. I somehow forgot that a Mama who meditates, is better. It grounds me, focuses me, centers me, calms me, and allows me to better care for myself and my family. Meditating Mama Meditates. If she's doing it right, she does it at least twice a day, and more often if she's about to lose her shit. Make no mistake, I have seven children, I most definitely can lose my shit from time to time.  So tonight, after a long day, I sat back in my chair and meditated.  I can't explain how good it felt just to have those minutes that were mine.  It's always like that.  I have got to remember that it's worth it to make the time.

I don't know that this works for everyone, but it's sure worth a try. And, for the novice, if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, there are some great free meditation apps. I like anything that makes my life easier. After all, I'm not in an Ashram, I'm in a recliner, stealing five minutes until the next diaper, feeding, blow up, or whatever else it is that needs my attention.

I just realized that this is my 1000th post.  Crazy!


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