Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pagan Pride

My blogging vacation is over.  Between Summer Break with kids home and a new baby, I really didn't have the time.  But now school is back in session (I could cry that Reagan started High School and Ciaran started Kindergarten) and I have a teensy bit more free time.  You know, when I'm not needed as Liam's personal Lactation Station.

So today was the Twin Cities Pagan Pride event, which I think was a success.  I came across several Pagan-y things that I wanted, and was able to help some friends cart things to and from.  I found that I really enjoy people watching at Pagan events.  They seem to run the gamut from "gosh, I wouldn't have pegged them as a Pagan" to (as my friend S. put it) "How did that much crazy wind up in one package?".  Not that we judge, in fact, probably because we don't judge, many kinds of people feel comfortable in our ranks.  We came through the day no worse for wear.  Just a little hot and a parking ticket.  My day pass had expired and I didn't realize it.  Turns out the park police take parking very seriously.  Who knew? 

Many of us there today have kids, but many of us didn't bring our kids.  I think in the future that may need to change.  I know my Pagan kids need to understand that they're part of a larger community and one they can be involved in.   I want them to have some Pagan Pride.  

In other news, I've survived the first week of school and finding the routine of this year.  I hope it's a good one.  Seriously, Ciaran's in Kindergarten and I really want it to be a good year for him.  Coming up on the blog I have a giveaway/review of a parenting product. For now, I'm going to watch Dr. Who with the husband and then fall into a coma like sleep.  

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  1. Glad to have you back! Congrats on the newest addition, Liam is too cute. ♥


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