Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bedtime Mayhem

I topped off my Yuletide with a nice case of gastroenteritis. Thanks, Kids, for always sharing with your mom. After days of cleaning up after and caring for sick kids, it seemed like turn about was fair play. Right?

Truly, this year, holiday partying just wasn't in the plans.  The kids were sick all the way up until Yule, and then on Yule, I came down with it.

But here's where it gets good, and gives a healthy glimmer into the excitement that is our house.  Tonight I gave the 3 younger boys a bath.  After cleaning out the tub, and getting them all in, I started in on cleaning up.  With this many sick kids over the last week, it was getting kinda nasty.  I got it all done in time for them to get bathwater all over the floor.  Thanks guys!

So, I get the boys into bed, read a story and close the door.  This should be the end of the story.  Only, 10 minutes later, their bedroom is covered in fluff and stinks.  In the effort to figure out what's happened, all the boys get out of their room.  Well, it turns out Quinn's thrown up on the floor.  But it took checking each of them for dirty pants and someone stepping in it to figure that out.  And the fluff?  That's from a tiny hole in a pillow pet.  Meanwhile, Ciaran starts running around the house, and Brennan gets into the kitchen and pulls the casserole dish off the counter and onto the floor.

This is when Mama starts wistfully thinking about the bottle of Moscato in the fridge.  I think I've earned a glass.


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