Saturday, December 03, 2011


There are 3 things every mother knows:

  1. Don't wash your pretty red tablecloth with the kids clothes, unless you'd like your sons to have pink socks.  I hope my boys enjoy their pretty pink socks I made for them.
  2. Laundry never ends, it just reproduces itself.  I'll have to go tackle some more when I'm done here.
  3. It's only when you're most frazzled and overwhelmed that you'll hear the dreaded words, "Your daughter has live head lice".
It's been one hell of a week.  And the topper was every mom's all-time favorite: Lice.  I was at the doctors office for a weigh in (Liam's, not mine) and found that my little guy has put on a whole pound in the last 2 weeks (Yay!) when the school nurse's office called.  Piper had live bugs in hair, and they were going to check Bridget out.  

Both girls were contaminated.  Two hours and $30 later I was was bathing my girls and washing their hair with the nasty louse killer shampoo.  I would love to have done the organic system, but that would have been $50 for one set.  I just can't afford it.  I did a damn good job, though with the washing and combing.  I've been doing daily checks to find any missed nits, and so far, I've found very little.  

I've decontaminated the house, bedding, clothing, and everything else, and am feeling very good about the job I've done.  But I have to say, while I've had no real symptoms of lice, every time I really think about them, I scratch my head.  Then I shudder a little.  

I will be swimming in Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for the foreseeable future.  I suggest everyone else do the same.  



  1. Even though its pretty much a rite of passage for almost every little girl when my daughter contracted a case from school last year I was so stressed I thought I was going to have a stroke. I found them myself, and being she's a dishwater blonde (pretty much the same color as a louse) they were hard to see and very hard to check after treatment to make sure they were gone. Oooh... I'm itching just thinking about it now.

  2. good idea - I need to do that with the boys - I HATE lice. The Head Start school sends home lice kits that are Olive Oil (to soak and suffocate the lice), dawn dishwashing liquid (to wash out the oil) and white vinegar (to loosen the nits). That's almost all natural. :D

  3. Put some drops of tee tree oil in the olive oil and it will do some serious damage to the lice!

  4. ahh that makes MY head itch! hope you slay them all soon!

  5. I am so so sorry. We just got the dreaded letter ("someone in your child's classroom was sent home today with head lice...don't panic")home from preschool on Tuesday. I have been stressed out and itchy ever since :(

  6. Great idea! I'll remember that if we *shudder* get lice this year. :)


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