Monday, December 26, 2011

Magical Mommy Mondays: The Magic of Children

I haven't done a Magical Mommy Monday post in a while. Not for lack of material, but the simple and terribly unoriginal lack of time. As we hurdle headlong towards a new year, I've been left to reflect on 2011, which has been, truly, a really bad year. Unemployment, the fear of a poor prenatal diagnosis, a sick baby, and all the other troubles that real life brings aren't that much fun to write about, and even less fun to live. But then, I had a moment.

 Between sick kids, furious holiday planning, and paying the bills, I found myself sitting in my easy chair watching a movie with two kids on my lap. Bridget, normally a total Daddy's girl, insisted that she just had to sit with me. And then came Quinn, also usually Daddy's, at my elbow, wanting up too. I sat, not looking at the screen, but at the little heads on my chest. I could lean down and inhale the smell of them, feel the weight of them, and soak up their warmth. 

Later, after they'd gotten down, and I picked up my favorite vice (the computer) I found that a preemie I'd been praying for, had died. On Christmas Eve. His parents, faithful people, had to say goodbye to their baby on what should have been a happy night for their family. I could feel the tears rolling down my face as I thought of their loss. Then I thought of each of my children, here with me. I picked up Liam and didn't even mind that he pulled on my hair or drooled all over me. I was just so grateful to hold him in my arms and know that he's okay. 

Sometimes, the Magical Mommy Moment isn't in how I parent them, but how they become the healing magic for me. Because at that moment, I wasn't at all concerned with what a crappy year this has been, but I was filled with overwhelming gratitude for the many gifts I have.


  1. This really hit me, because I had a similar thought earlier. I manage to sneak some cuddles in while getting her dressed or brushing her hair, and then she is off and running like any toddler. I cherish those quite moments where she is a baby in my arms again, but I also love seeing how she is grown. Every moment with her is a gift.

    Thanks, Anne. ♥♥

  2. What an awesome post, Anne! I loved this :) No matter how old they get, they are magical and wonderful blessings to us mothers. I'll keep the family you mentioned in my prayers and thoughts this week. Such a hard thing to go through, especially during this time of year. Hugs and I wish you and yours a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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