Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another Mommy Blog

There are a million mommy blogs out there. Mine is not unique.  There are plenty of blogs that cover parenting from the perspective of a Pagan, or having a big family, or dealing with Autism and special needs.  I don't know that there are too many that do all of those things at once, but hey, I always did love being a little bit different.  An old friend of mine liked to say that I marched to the beat of my own drummer.  She was very...tactful.

Sometimes I think about all of the things that I want to write about, and realize there are already ten people who've tackled the subject, and probably done it far more justice than I would.  After a while I started wondering why I have a blog at all.  Is my voice so important to add to the cacophony of the internet?

To be honest, it's not.  But I still want to be here.  I want to write about what interests me, what's happening with my family, and my adventures in Motherhood.  Because I know that someone will get it.

Someone will understand the frustrations of watching children struggle with things that should be easier, or hoping that you're handling the little crises of childhood in a way that will encourage them to have a strong sense  of self as they get older.  Someone will get how crazy it is to realize that you're getting older when it feels like you were just in High School a few years ago.  And someone will see that there is magic in the mundane.  As for me, I have an outlet for my family stories, personal thoughts, and changing mind.  Sometimes it feels like the kids and I are growing up together.  Maybe, in a way, we are.


  1. Its funny... my sister and I were just talking about "mommy blogs" last night and how in the past few years some seem to go so "viral" that they get book deals or somehow make money off the blog. I feel the same as you about my blog... everything I've ever written has already probably been written hundreds of times before. But pre-motherhood writing was a very important part of my life and now outside of my blog its a part that had to fall by the wayside. But what little I do write here is somehow therapeutic for me and once in a while I feel as if someone gets it.

  2. I think its especially important your voice is also heard. Speaking selfishly, I don't read those 10 other blogs, just yours. And hearing your struggles, your strength, your persistence and your abounding love makes me feel a little less alone and a little braver in my own struggles. I don't know those 10 other moms, but I know you. You're a real person to me, not just words on a screen. And your voice is powerful. I need to hear you. And I'm betting I'm not the only one.

  3. I just found your blog from your comment on The Pagan Mom Blog on G+.

    I think every blogger at some point thinks, "why does anyone want to hear me?" But really even if similar your experiences are 100% unique. Maybe you'll say something no one else will. Maybe you'll add something valuable on top of those other bloggers. That isn't really what is important. What is important is how you feel about it and sharing with others.

    I'm very interested to see what you write. I'm glad I found you and when I'm off my mobile I'll snag your button to put on my blog.


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