Monday, January 02, 2012

Magical Mommy Mondays: Spells For Kids

My daughters are at an age where they're starting to react to life from a Pagan perspective. This week my husband was watching a documentary about the Vatican and it was discussing the early persecution of Christians.  Bridget looked up at him and said, "Wow.  It's a good thing we're Pagans."  I guess she hasn't heard about Salem yet.  But I loved that she already sees herself this way.

While I love the Path we've chosen to follow, I don't want them to feel like they have to believe as we do.  At the same time, since they're showing such an interest, I want to encourage them.

When they're having simple problems that I think could be helped with a bit of spell work, I've gone looking for children's spells on the internet.

Um, wow.  From sites that want to send me a package of things labeled as a child's "spell kit" that I really don't need, to websites that engage in the just plain silly, it's been  difficult.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't want my kids to engage in really intense spell work.  But this is part of the practice of our faith, and I do want them to take it seriously.  Simple but engaging is what I'm looking for.

One great resource I've found is the Pooka Pages.  My kids love reading them and on the site there are stories, activities, and even a Book of Shadows.

Another thing I like to do is come up with my own simple candle spells.  Take a candle, with a color that corresponds with their need/sprinkle it with an herb that's appropriate, light it while thinking of their need, let it burn out, then bury it to seal the spell. They're simple, and teach both some basic herbalism plus the power of intention.  Small sachets are good, too.  Especially if they're having a problem at school, we can make a sachet, and they can put it in their backback where it can work all day for them.  This is also a really good time to remind them of our basic ethics.

However we choose to involve our children in our religious lives, I think offering them simple tools, along with the growing understanding of our responsibility as we practice, empowers them.  And I want to give my kids every opportunity to feel strong and capable.

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  1. You can use friendship bracelets (with embroidery floss in whatever colors desired) as a spell focus with each knot a link in the chain. Knitting is awesome too. When I was pregnant and on bedrest with my daughter, I remember knitting while focussing really hard on knitting her cells together healthily in my body and tried to leave the rest up to the Great Mother.


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