Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Liam is 16 months old. I know, right? It's crazy how time flies.  Just a year ago I was struggling with a tiny newborn who wasn't gaining weight, and hoping he wouldn't need a shunt placed.  Now he's this chunky little guy on the verge of walking and who has decided that my primary purpose in life is to play patty-cake.

So, here's the news....I'm not pregnant.

Maybe that doesn't sound like news, but for me, it kind of is.  There was a nearly five year age gap between Reagan and Piper, but since then, they've come at less than 2 year intervals.  In the last 10 years, I've been pregnant seven times.  That's a lot of getting knocked up.

So now, my baby is sixteen months old.  I should be getting a positive pregnancy test.  Only I'm not.  Dominic finally gave in this year and got snipped.  All done.  No more.  And I'll refrain from explaining how close I came to smacking his urologist when he suggested I could be the one to get fixed, after giving birth that many times including a c-section.  I have done my duty to God and Country.  It was his turn.

So, what do I have to show for the last year?  Well, Dominic and I have each lost over 40 pounds.  I'm working out regularly and eating right.  So is he.  We're getting healthy and taking care of our family.  But it's not going to grow anymore.  I'll be honest, I'd love more babies.  But what I want are the snuggles that tiny little body cradled in my arms while I sleep.  Pregnancy and childbirth?  I'm feeling pretty done with that.  Pregnancy especially gets harder every time, and I've worked really hard on getting my body back!

So, I'm not pregnant.  And in a way, that is news.  It's time for the chapter of our lives where we raise the family we have, and hopefully, really enjoy it.

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