Monday, October 15, 2012

Sea Monkeys...Why Not?

When Reagan was in the first grade, we did an educational Science unit on Sea Monkeys.  That's the fun of homeschooling, right?  Getting your kids something your mother would never get you, and making it educational at the same time.

We had a lot of Sea Monkeys.  Eventually they died.  One tank might have been dropped by an enthusiastic six year old.  Oops.

But, no one else remembers them.  Only Reagan.  Piper was just a baby.  Bridget wasn't even a thought (ok, maybe she was a thought), and that was all we had.....

Sorry, got lost in a dream of what it would be like to do laundry for just two kids and forgot where I was.

Anywho, since no one else remembers them, it's like we never had Sea Monkeys.  And since we have already established that raising Sea Monkeys can be both a Science Project and educational, I thought it was time we did it again.

I have a brand new tank of what I hope are tiny hatchlings in the kitchen right now.  And in a few weeks they should grow to the freakishly weird looking shrimp things you see in the picture above.  They are a type of Brine Shrimp.  They breathe through their feet.  Adults have 3 eyes.  They can reproduce with or without a mate.  And they're crazy awesome.


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    1. I think I might have missed the boat on that one, Sandy. LOL


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