Monday, January 14, 2013

Facebook Is Killing My Blog

Despite all of the advances in connecting social media outlets, I think Facebook is killing my blog.  Once upon a time, like 10 years ago, I started this blog on this brand new site I heard about from Tenniel of School@Home.  What a cool idea it was, to track what we were doing as a homeschooling family.  I wrote about our adventures, our struggles, and the cute things my kids did.  It has become, over the years, pretty special for me.  It kept track of those little things that I would have otherwise forgotten.

So much has changed for us in almost 10 years.  We're not a family of four anymore.  We don't practice the same faith.  We don't homeschool.  And I don't write things down here as often.  I post my quirky anecdotes on Facebook, chat with friends on Twitter (okay, maybe not Twitter so much, I forget it's there). People comment and discuss much more so then they ever did on my blog.  And my life disappears into cyberspace.  Those events I post there will not be so easy to look up and recall.

This blog has taught me a few things:

  • People on the internet can be mean.  Especially when they can be anonymous, and you are a stranger that they never have to see.  
  • If you write things down in a public place, people will think that means that your life is their business and they should have some say in it.  
  • People can be very judgmental and never left the third grade bully mentality behind.  
Luckily, blogging has also taught me that the world is both big and small simultaneously.  It has taught me that there are people who can connect with you, share with you, and support you, even if you've never actually met. And it has taught me that raw honesty has it's place.  Overall, this blog has been a much more positive experience than a negative one.  Honestly, it also really helped me to confront (if not yet conquer) the idea that I can't make everyone understand or like me.  

Today Brennan woke up with a fever.  So, I'm hanging with my three little boys on a cold January day.  I have an Asian Pork dish simmering in the crockpot, and housework calling my name.  I'm going to try to keep this little diary of our lives going for a bit longer.  I'm kind of attached to it.  Even if it is sorely neglected at times.


  1. I have been an off and on again reader of your blog for a great many years. I enjoy reading it and seeing how your family has grown, and in it's own way it was helped me out during my darkest times.

    Weather you know it or not you are a light and help strangers. Thank you.

    In some ways you have also helped me with my new career choice. I am now a tutor of adults with sever learning difficulties and/or autism. I totally enjoy the job, I know what a privilege it is and I often think of you when I'm working.



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