Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Run

I was going to write a whole post about how I think I'm losing my hair and it is freaking me the hell out.  But I don't think anyone wants to read about my vanity.  In fact, I wish I could stop thinking about it.

So instead, you get treated to my new running fascination.  Minimalist footwear.  If you've looked into running, you know this trend exists.  And I'm convinced.  I'm there.

I want these:
Women's Barefoot Run Dash Glove

I know everyone is all excited about the Vibram Five Fingers.  But I live in Minnesota.  It's cold here.  I want to wear my socks, not five finger socks. And, to be honest, these shoes feel amazing.

Until I can get the shoes that will be more expensive than any dress shoes I've ever owned (apparently I'm not as girly as I like to think I am, having little interest in expensive shoes), I've been trying to learn the techniques involved in minimalist or barefoot running.  Here's what I've found:

That was nice, and gave me an idea.  But I like this one for more practical advice and things I can do even when I'm sitting at home, to condition myself:

Last night I did my first run with the new techniques.  I ran 2.77 miles with a forefoot strike.  I felt really good about it, at my fastest, I was running a seven minute mile. At my slowest I was doing about a 10.5 minute mile.  With practice I think I'm going to go faster and feel better.  All that said, today my calves hurt like a mother.  Seriously.  Ow.  They're not strained or anything, just really sore.  I was apparently not really using them when running previously.

I'm becoming a runner.  Not a Runner, but a runner at least.  No one is more surprised that this is becoming my thing, than me.  I do keep hoping that the mind body connection will start to work to improve things on the inside as much as the outside.  As someone whose struggled with depression and anxiety for way too damn long, I'd love it if ultimately the healthy lifestyle makes me feel better about myself in ways that aren't just physical.  Oddly sometimes I feel both the worst and at the same time, the best, when on the run.


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