Thursday, June 20, 2013

Properly Pagan In Every Way

Kallan Kennedy of The Secret Life of the American Working Witch, wrote an interesting blog post about Celebrity Pagans.   She makes some really good points about who speaks for Us as a whole.

Anyone who has any experience with Paganism, knows that speaking for Paganism as a whole is a remarkably difficult thing to do.  There are so many paths, so many ways to practice, so many different beliefs.  Me, I'm sort of a Unitarian Universalist of a Pagan, believing that everyone understands the Great Truths and experiences Divinity in a way that works for them, and all paths are equally valid.

I don't want being a Pagan to be everything about me.  I want people to see me as a mom, who has the same concerns and joys that they do.  I want them to see me as a member of the community, helping out at the school, grocery shopping, and taking my kids to the park.  I want to be Pagan enough that people feel a little more comfortable with the idea because they know me.  Not that I'm recruiting or anything.  I just find that so many people know so little about Paganism, that to them we're a bunch of tie-dye wearing, tree hugging weirdos hanging out in the forest.

We only do that on very special occasions, by the way.

That's a joke.  I promise.  I don't actually own any tie-dye, and the one tie-dye tee-shirt my husband owned was ruthlessly destroyed lost by some sad tragedy to the gods of the laundry.

So, I want to be relatable to people.  But sometimes I think that ends up being me not really talking about what I believe at all.  Which is so easy.  My faith now is more personal and private.  It's something that is special to me, but not something I feel the need to shove in everyone's face.

What I'm looking for, is a balance.  I'm happy.  I'm not searching aimlessly anymore for something that was within me and all around me all the time.  I feel connected to the forces of the Universe.  And I want people not to be afraid of their local tree-hugging hippie Pagans.  Because, sure, there are some...interesting practitioners out there.  But they don't represent the whole movement anymore than the crazy people of any religion represent the whole.

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