Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's All About The Romance

Twelve years.  My husband and I have been together for twelve years.  We've been married for more than eleven of them.

We each had a child when we got married.  Together we had six more.  That's kind of a lot of children.

My husband shows me that he loves me every day.  He tells me how much, he does things for me, and he is very affectionate.  I have always understood that each of these things are his way of saying, "I love you".

I'm also a child of the cinema.  I grew up on Sleepless in Seattle, Say Anything, and a hundred chick flicks that say that love is shown when the guy you love does something wild and over the top.

Lucky for me, I knew that most of Hollywood was complete crap.  I tried not to run away when we fought ( you know, in the hopes that he would follow).  I didn't expect him to read my mind.  I didn't tell him yes when I meant no.  I didn't bring up everything I thought he'd ever done wrong when we had an argument.  I think these things have gone a long way in creating a marriage that has lasted for the years that we've had, and will help us continue for many years to come.

What I've missed sometimes, is romance.  Not that he wouldn't try to be romantic.  My husband is awesome.  It just seems to get lost in the shuffle sometimes, over run by the mundane every day.  But guess what? Liam is two years old.  And we don't have a new baby.  We're starting to remember that we're people and not just breeders.  That's a bigger deal than you'd think with seven kids in the house.

So today he decided that it's time to try to infuse a bit more romance into our marriage.  He looked at me and said, "I love you, like ants love a picnic.  And you're more beautiful than Medusa."

Then we both laughed.  He's never going to stand outside of my window blaring Peter Gabriel from a giant boombox.  Still, I'll take him, happily, and I will be grateful that I have a partner who laughs with me on a daily basis, shares this crazy journey with me, and who gives me the freedom to grow and change.

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