Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Musings

I've been wanting to write for days.  I've wanted to blog, wanted to tell a story, wanted to remove the cork that's blocking my brain.  So, I sit down at with my iPad and open the browser, stare at the empty screen and...wait.


Not a damn thing.

But there is so much going on in my life.  The extended school year has ended for Ciaran and I've found myself wondering if ADHD and Autism can both be happening with him.  Because I get that he doesn't understand everything he's not supposed to do, but the child moves All The Time and does everything.  I'm not kidding, the kid can be in a room full of toys and he's unscrewing the lightbulbs from the recessed lights in the ceiling.  

Reagan turned 16 on Thursday, and Holy Crap, how is that possible?  He's four years away from the age I was when he was born, and that weirds me out more than a little.

Dominic and I have had busy social calendars.  Which still feels odd since, for so many years we were home with kids and didn't really go many places.  But now we have a babysitter who doesn't realize how much we underpay him.  It's kind of awesome.

Of course we're spending a ton of time with the kids.  And I'm finding ways to do things locally without spending much money.  We've been going to the park, the zoo, the Children's Museum, and I'm hoping to get us a membership to the Science Museum if I can.

But mostly I feel like I'm having a huge amount of personal growth and I'm excited about it.  I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin, and that's huge for me.

So, this blog post isn't really about anything, really.  And it's not saying even a tiny bit of what I want to say.  But it's here, and that's something.  Maybe if I just write, something interesting will eventually come out.

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