Friday, November 22, 2013

Training Children, Kills: The Pearl's To Train Up A Child, Revisited

Sean Paddock, Lydia Schatz, Hana Williams. These beautiful children who had long lives ahead of them, are all three gone now.  What they had in common was that their parents all read To Train Up A Child, and followed it's methods.

The Pearl's books appeal to parents who need a system for discipline.  Parents who feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of raising children.  Parents who want to follow God and raise their kids the best way possible.  They appeal to parents who are slightly desperate, and who want nothing more in the world, than to do their job right.  And the Pearl's speak with such authority, they seem like they must know what they're talking about.

The Pearl's say that it isn't their methods and books that have lead to the deaths of these children, but I can tell you that it is.  That when they say to spank a child until he is broken to a parents will and "without breath to complain", when they say that if you are not getting 100% obedience, it is because you as the parents aren't doing enough, and when they recommend switching with plumbing supply line that can break down the tissues in the body until the toxins overload a child's system, then yes.  It is absolutely their methods that are leading to the utter destruction of these families, and the loss forever, of these children.

If you have found my blog from The Examiner article, thank you for checking me out.  I hope you'll stick around and read some more.  If you're interested in more of what's wrong with To Train Up A Child and the No Greater Joy "Ministry", please see my labels in the side bar, they're listed under NGJ.  Or click here.

And please, sign the petition.  Amazon still sells these books.  It's where I bought them when I read them.  They're going into the hands of parents who need answers, not the child abuse manual the Pearl's have written.

Thank you!

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