Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Day In Paradise

Small town Minnesota
Today was a very laid back day, here in vacation-land.  This Mama got to sleep in, and her husband brought her coffee and breakfast in bed.  A girl could get used to that kind of thing.

We relaxed for most of the morning.  I drove into town to get a few groceries.  I went across the street to grab some cash at the bank.  Next to the bank was a giant fish.  Why? Who knows.  I'm going to assume it has to do with the local fishing.  Whatever the reason, it was most definitely something I stood and marveled at for a minute or two before going in to get my cash.

In the afternoon, we headed to the clubhouse here at the resort.  Dominic completely kicked my ass in a game of pool.  I was never really good at pool.  Strangely enough, not playing for a decade did not improve my game.  Then we taught the kids to play air hockey and ping pong.

Can I just say that the Basso kids are really hard ping pong hitters?  I think we spent most of our time chasing the ping pong ball all over the room.

After nap-time, we played in the hot tub.  Then we had dinner and after that, the kids played with some kids who are staying next door.

Now we are curled up on the couches and chairs, while watching The Dark Crystal, and eating the last of the s'mores.

Reagan made a joke tonight about watching Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, and how he and Karina are sharing their childhood with the younger siblings.  I don't know how old he thinks these movies are, or how old he thinks I am, but uh, I'm pretty sure these movies are me sharing my childhood with the lot of them.  I'm also relishing every day here.  When we go home, my teen will head back to his computer and friends, but for right now, this week, he's ours.

Brennan is running a temperature tonight.  We're hoping he feels better by tomorrow.  We have a trip to the one of the local State Parks planned.

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