Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something Else I Never Thought I'd Do

Soo Line Trail Sign
There are so many things I never anticipated saying when I became a mother.  "No parkour in the bathtub!", "No, do not grab your brothers penis!", "Do not pee on your brother!", "Do not pee in the front yard!" and so many more.  In fact, when it comes to things I never thought I'd say, for some reason it seems to always end up having to do with my boys and their genitalia.  I did not know that this was such a thing with boys.  Maybe it's not if you only have one or two.  But I have five.  That's a lot of...testosterone.  Anywho, today on another beautiful day in Onamia Minnesota, we decided to head out for a walk on the Soo Line.

The Depot Library.  

We parked at the Depot Library, and got out.  At which point, I realized that Ciaran needed to pee.  He stood, hopping from foot to foot, doing the well-known, yet never specifically taught, pee-pee dance.  I looked at the tiny library, hoping against hope, that there would be a bathroom inside.  And maybe there was, but we never found out.  It was closed.  And of course, Quinn and Brennan had to go too.  I looked around.  Playground with a couple of little kids, huge wharehouse type building, wilderness, there was no place that I could see that might have a bathroom.

Bridget, Piper, Karina, Reagan, and Quinn walk ahead.

So, I said something I've never said before.  "Come on boys, form a circle, everyone pee in the middle, but not on your shoes or each other."  A minute later, three of my sons had formed a circle and were giggling wildly while peeing in the middle, not on their shoes and not on each other.  It's funny how, sometimes, it's the little things that make you grateful.

Not that there were many people around, maybe one parent over at the playground, but no one seemed to notice their exposure.  Though the parent at the playground might have been chuckling a little.  We went on our walk and it was lovely.  We could have gone farther, but the gravel road was proving hard for the stroller.

The afternoon was spent hanging at the house, and swimming in the hot-tub.

After the kids went to bed, Reagan led us in a Dungeons & Dragaons encounter.  Which, is the only thing he really wanted to do on this vacation: play games with his family.  That's pretty great, too.

Have I mentioned that I love vacation?

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