Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Moon On Monday

Tonight is the New Moon.

As a Pagan Mom, I have stuff to do. And not just laundry, although there is plenty of that, too.

A lot of people think of dancing by the light of the full moon, when they think of Pagan Magic. And not that there isn't any of that, but that's not all we do. And what you may not know is that different cycles of the moon are better for different kinds of magic. 

The way I see it, magic is just like concentrated prayer. You have intentions, and you do some kind of work to send those intentions out into the universe. It's just that, instead of believing that God hears us and answers, I believe that the Gods are always listening, and would like us to help ourselves. And I think I can do that.

The New Moon is the time for growth magic. When I want something to increase, I'll perform that spell at the New Moon, so that it will grow as the Moon waxes. At the full moon, I'll do magic for things I want to decrease, so that they can grow smaller as the Moon wanes.

Is this complete bollocks?

Not any more so than any other religious belief. Even if, in the end, all my magic really is, is me setting my mind on something, and affecting the change through tiny decisions that are different because I have set my will to it, that's okay. It works for me. I feel connected to the Divine that I believe flows through everything, and it makes me happy. It also makes me feel like I'm doing something. And when things feel hopeless and hard, it's nice to not feel completely impotent.

So, tonight I'll be doing a little magic for increase in resources to meet our family's needs. I will also be doing a little magic to increase the patience we have for our kids, as we hit the end of the Summer and everything is insane around here.

Seriously, I think the dog can tell that our household is going through some kind of transition. She's been jumpier and bitier (I know that's not a word), and all around pain-in-the-assier for the last few days. I just keep chanting "Puppyhood can't last forever. Puppyhood can't last forever" and I may just have to do that until puppyhood actually is over, and I no longer want to throttle her. Of course, like the kids, when I'm really mad she does something insanely cute and then I waffle between wanting to still be mad at her and wanting to scratch her belly.

Another thing about my spell for "resources". The thing is, I don't do spells for money. Some people do, and I have no judgement. For me, I just think what you need can come in many forms, not just money. I'd rather do a spell with a specific need in mind, and let the Universe answer in whatever way it can.

I know it's hokey and simplistic, but I believe in Magic. I believe that it lives in us, and that we have a say in it. I believe that we don't know our own power, because we ignore it. We have the power to make a difference in our own lives, even if all you're doing right now, is lighting a candle, and setting an intention.

Blessed Be.


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  1. As you have learned on your own journey to where you are, the key is to acknowledge the path varies from person to person. The rigidity of some established "faiths" - and I stress "some" - seem to my view discourage thinking "out side the box". And by that I mean suppress any possible questioning of the faith's beliefs. But I hold to the belief that personal spirituality is exactly that - personal. You have to explore your own core, find, acknowledge & accept it may differ from others - but hey!- it's what is you. And honestly? As far as I know (and I have no problem being corrected) there is one theme shared by "mainstream" large & smaller faiths, that basically being encompassing "The Golden Rule". Buddha, Jesus, Allah, etc.- does it matter if you live your life as a good person, helping others, embracing our Earth?

    1. In my opinion, it doesn't matter, so long as you live your life doing good where you can. Certainly there are plenty who disagree with me there, but they are entitled to their opinions too.

      My oldest child is an Atheist. I told him that, so long as his belief that nothing happens when we die, and that what matters most is what we do now, means that he works harder to do the right thing and be a force for good in the world, then I have absolutely no issue with it. And we show each other mutual respect.

  2. This post had me singing that Duran Duran song to myself all day, so thanks for the ear worm :)

    Very interesting thought on magic being concentrated prayer and focused intention. I do pray, daily, and feel strongly about the power of prayer to align my internal focus and broadcast energy. It's intriguing that growth-oriented opportunities have opened themselves up recently, to me and members of my family. Hmm.

    1. I wanted to do a post on the New Moon, and when I realized it was Monday, I couldn't resist it. The Duran Duran song is totally in my head too. I wonder if there's a 20 something listening and wondering who Duran Duran is.

      I'm glad I gave you some food for though! :)

  3. I don't think it's hokey at all to believe in magic. I think you are spot on when you say that people ignore the power within themselves. I think they do it because it's terrifying to take on that level of responsibility. If my thoughts and words and loves can attract food and shelter and love then I need to take responsibility for the sickness and lack and sadness that I've also brought upon my own head. Harnessing our intentions is a life-long work!

    1. "Harnessing our intentions is a life-long work!"

      Probably why we call it "The Craft" ;)

  4. Such an interesting post. With the birth of my daughter 5 months ago, I really found I'm starting to pay more attention to faith and beliefs than I ever have..I don't know what I believe, but I think it's important to believe something. I particularly loved this line "Even if, in the end, all my magic really is, is me setting my mind on something, and affecting the change through tiny decisions that are different because I have set my will to it, that's okay."

    1. I'm so glad you're thinking about it, Sessa. There's nothing like a new baby to make the whole world fee new and magical. And the days long and exhausting. ;)

      I think it's less important *what* people believe and much more important *how* their faith impacts them. If it is empowering, if it makes you want to leave the world better than how you found it, that's what matters most.

      Thank you for reading!


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