Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

I can't speak for all of mom-dom, but the moms at the PTO meeting tonight seemed to all express the same feeling. We love the nice Summer weather, but are done with Summer Break.

There are a million things I love about my kids, and about our time together without the pressures of school and schoolwork.  But here's what I got today.

  • Ciaran interrupted every load of laundry I did. He kept the washer from rinsing, stopped the dryer, took things out, or put things in. 
  • Brennan, when displeased with his morning cereal, upended the bowl all over the table. That led to him still eating the cereal (that I would have happily exchanged with another, if he'd asked nicely) just now with no milk, and after a time-out. Mommy's not going to let a tiny tyrant dictate breakfast. Seriously.
  • Quinn has been a tiny puppet master with his fingers in every plan for mischief. And is using the floor as his garbage can.
  • Liam spent most of his day hitting me, or his siblings.
I want to spend our days dancing in the kitchen, reading books, playing games, singing songs, and generally enjoying the Summer. Instead, I'm counting the days until they're all in school again, in separate classrooms. 

It can't come soon enough.

Maybe today we just weren't on our game. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe we just need a sit-down where I remind everyone of how important it is to be kind to each other. Not just nice. Not just polite. Although those are both important, too. But kind

I'm feeling very torn between excitement and sorrow that these days are fleeting. I mean, I know I can't get them back.

I wanted today's post to be full of gratitude. After all, we have a washer and dryer to clean the many clothes we own. We have breakfast to eat, every morning. We have siblings to hit and play with. We have a kitchen to dance in. We have books to read. We have games to play. We have a family. I am grateful beyond words for that.

But right now I'm just glad they've gone to bed so I can remember that they're cute when they sleep.

Tomorrow, right?  

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  1. Oh man. I have so many mixed feelings at this point. There's the guilt that I haven't done enough to fill our summer with memories, there's resentment that these people do nothing but eat cereal all day, there's worry that they're not being productive enough with their time, and that I should be doing something about it. Then there's anticipation. 10 days until school starts, baby.

    And I'm only dealing with 2. A fraction of the crew you have. And mine sleep all day. Where do I get off wishing school would start sooner?

    1. I think we all struggle with wishing we were making more memories, or worrying that they're not doing enough.

      But since familiarity has been breeding contempt as Summer wears on, I'm feeling a little jealous that yours are sleeping a lot. I long for the day where they're not getting up at 6:30 in the morning and yelling at each other over the Wii.


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