Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Just Stockholm Syndrome

Dominic was watching a video on YouTube from Beauty And The Beast with Bridget.

Bridget (10): Beauty And The Beast is really just an example of Stockholm Syndrome.

(Insert quizzical look from both parents here)

Dominic: Do you even know what that is?

Bridget: Sure, it's when someone kidnaps you, and you eventually fall in love with them.

Dominic: It's when you form a bond and sympathize with your captor.

Me: You were on the track though, Bridge.

Dominic: Do you know who the most famous example of Stockholm Syndrome was?

Bridget pauses for a second before announcing with conviction...

Bridget: Princess Peach.

At which point I looked something like this...

Me: Um, I think your dad was thinking of Patty Hurst, but yeah, I guess Princess Peach is a good example too.

Bridget: Who's Patty Hurst?

I knew that was coming.

I am utterly baffled at what kids know about and think about, sometimes.

Thanks Internet.


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