Sunday, August 17, 2014

TARDIS Take Me Away

So, who wants a glass of wine? It's okay, I've got some. Someone delivers wine to my house sometimes. He's sometimes my favorite person that whole day.

Today is a wine kind of day.

You know, I don't usually know how I'm going to title a blog post. Not until I've written it. Sometimes I sit down to write something, and something totally different than what I expected, just falls right out. Which sounds disorganized and messy. So, that's just about right then.

Not today, though. Today I knew exactly what I wanted to call it.

Today wasn't a bad day. It really wasn't. Yesterday was kind of awful. Only because Liam screamed almost all day. That was fun.

But today, he was much better and back to his usual happy self. I was relieved. He was relieved. We were all relieved.

The kids as a whole, were pretty good today, too, really. Though Ciaran was sweet to leave the pieces of that orange underneath some bananas to draw fruit flies. That was a fun surprise! But they were happy and played really well together (the kids, not the fruit flies. Fruit flies are assholes, and I'm sure they all hate each other). And kids getting along is always nice.

It's not a wine kind of an evening because of one day. It's more a cumulative effect.

The joys of home ownership are kind of making me nuts. And I'm going to pretend that's a farther distance to go for me than it probably really is. So, first we got the surprise about our escrow account, which is all worked out now, but was pretty stressful.

Then our oven door broke. Again. I keep screwing the parts of the door back together and it keeps breaking. I mean, how does an oven door fall apart? It's not like we're hard on it. We just open and close it, like you do with an oven. It's bizarre.

Then our dog made a hole in our kitchen floor.  To be fair, our poor old floor is...poor...and...old.  It's scratched, dented, and in desperate need of a floor makeover. That said, it didn't really need anything else done to abuse it.

Then today, our drain in the laundry room was backing up.  By drain, I mean hole in the floor of the laundry room that leads, possibly to hell. It happens from time to time, and when it does if it's not corrected pretty quickly (I run a hose down the drain) it can get messy. So, I ran the hose down, like the responsible homeowner I am, and the flipping faucet literally POPPED off, raining water all over the laundry room, and of course, me. I literally had to hold it in place and finish the job I was doing.

But I did it! Because I am mighty! And I get shit done!

Or something.

There are so many things that need fixed and done around here, it can be a little overwhelming. So, every once in a while I long for an escape. You know, like hopping into some stranger's Blue Phone Box and traveling through time and space. Sure, there'd be Daleks, and danger (Daleks & Danger should be the name of my next garage band, by the way). But there would also be The Doctor if things got really dicey.

I bet the Doctor could fix my faucet. Just a wave of his sonic screwdriver and it'd all be fine. Kind of a mundane use for the Sonic, but I think he'd do it. You know, for me. Because we'd be pals. Really, I don't ask for much. Just, every once in a while, an adventure to take on creatures ready to destroy the whole earth, and not just my bathrooms.

In the end, I'm nothing but grateful for the fact that we have a home. It's a gift and I do know it. And we have our kids, who, despite being sometimes unintentionally destructive, are amazing people that I'm glad are here with me every day.

And Doctor Who is coming back. For which I'm totally ready. If I can't escape in a real TARDIS, I'll happily escape for an hour with my TV.

I wonder what normal women do for escape?  Is there still wine involved?


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  1. Totally escaping with the Doc! There are days when I would jump up and not look back!

  2. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. Every time I clean the house my husband asks "what's broken now?" I've been showering in the guest bathroom all summer long after I wrenched the faucet out of the wall (the pipe was corroded - behind a full wall of faux marble that now has to be ripped out). We haven't been able to grill burgers all summer because the grill is what's propping up the backyard fence that's caving in. I don't use the self-cleaning feature on my 1980s era oven because I'm pretty sure I'll burn the house down.

    We're in a constant state of falling apart here.

    I would like one of those sonic screwdrivers. Better yet, let's invent a drink by that name. Sort of a two-birds-with-one-stone approach. Only in my life, that stone would also manage to break a window, a couple of vases on the sill and knock someone in the head.

    1. Thank you for your comment, because I totally thought *I* was alone!

      But I'm totally going to have to come up with a recipe for a Sonic Screwdriver now. But yeah, no stones. With our combined luck that would be a whole lot of damage.


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