Monday, August 18, 2014

The Summer Fades

I can feel Summer winding down. Can't you?

The blogs I read are full of stories about going back to school, final trips to the beach, and books to read while there is still time.

I still have a couple of weeks before all of my kids are back in school, so while some of those posts are coming-soon here, I'm not quite ready to write them yet.

I think, as Summer has worn on, I have felt more and more worn down. I think it's possible that it's made my blogging sound a little whiny. Or that might just be what my husband told me after reading my last post. He's so helpful, isn't he?

So, even though I just had to deal with Brennan who was screaming and kicking the wall because someone else was playing with a toy that he wanted (but of course is never interested in when it's unattended), I'm going to list what I'm really happy about.

  • I have wine. Okay, maybe this shouldn't be first, but it does make me happy.
  • My kids are incredibly helpful. Not just with hiding fruit in my couch cushions, either. My big kids help with every aspect of our day, and my littles are especially helpful to my psyche, as they are skilled in the hugging and cuddling department.  
  • I have fantastic neighbors who haven't complained once that my garden is pretty much all Native Minnesotan growth (also known as, whatever the heck popped up in the dirt because I suck at gardening).
  • I have a book club that I've joined. So I have an excuse to excuse myself and read for a while, which feels decadent. Plus I get to follow that up with time with grown-ups talking about books. How awesome is that?
  • Outlander has been made into a TV show. Their line "The Kilt Drops" tells you almost all of why that show is going to be awesome, and why I will not miss an episode. 
  • I have been asked to start writing for The Sunday Stew, an online weekly Pagan publication, as their mom blogger. I'm so excited! Especially since most of the time I feel like a giant hack any time I write anything. 
  • And hey, I'm in the top 50 in the Best Mommy Blogs rankings, thanks to the people who read this doing things like clicking the link at the bottom of the post. I'm am actually really excited that people are reading here. I love writing, I love talking to other moms, and I love it when something I say resonates with people. Especially when, with seven kids, it can feel like I go all day and no one has heard me once.
Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and I hope you're finding things to love even as Summer winds down.


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  1. We should all be grateful for wine, hugs that make life worth living and for the fact that others appreciate our efforts and value the things we share. I, for instance, feel a tad richer after reading about your daily life.

    By the way, I went to Top Mommy Blogs and left a comment. But I need to admit that I couldn't figure out how to vote. And I want to... so, help! Go ahead, laugh at me. I do it all the time. :-)

    1. I'm totally not going to laugh at you for that. It confuses a lot of people. Just clicking the link to the Best Mommy Blogs site, registers a vote for me. There should be a sign or something when you click on someone's link that says "Thanks for voting" or something. Thank you so much, Magaly! <3

    2. I just read the comment you left. I'm so touched. Thank you, thank you!

    3. So I wasn't blind after all. Thank goodness! And thank you for sharing. ♥


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