Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All The Thoughts...

I have a million thoughts all percolating in my head.

I'm a ridiculous over thinker. I may need to find a 12 step program for it.

Anyway, I'm still stuck on the spanking issue, and incredibly frustrated that there are still people who think that's the way you teach kids, or that if you don't, children can't grow up right.

I keep thinking that the people I most wanted to please as a kid, were the people who believed in me and inspired me. Not the people who scared me or made me feel small.  Boundaries, limits, and consequences, sure. But how about more carrot, and less stick.

I'm also stuck on a dream I had where I lost a baby. It's a total downer and I won't bore you with all the details, but I know it's related to a whole host of things going on, from losses in our encephalocele group, to recurring fears I have that something will happen to Liam, to even the loss of some relationships in my life that have been hard for me.

I think I'm just a big emotional pile of.....blech.  (See how I use those fancy words? That's because I'm a writer!)

But I'm also feeling some intense gratitude.

See, I'm outspoken and opinionated, and can be a giant pain in the ass. And sometimes when I express my humble opinions (Especially when I'm right and everyone should just do it my way, to make the world a better place. See? Humble!) I can be....somewhat....abrasive.  You know, a little.

I'm so grateful for this tiny little corner of the internet, where I can just let loose and tell everyone exactly what I think, or what I'm feeling, and get so much support (not to mention useful information about Obama conspiracy theories, because that was...important for me to know about).

So, thank you to all of you who read what I write. Whether I'm blathering on about what's bothering me, or telling you something funny my kids did, it's great to have such an intelligent group of people to be my sounding board, and who make me feel less like I'm just talking to myself.

Because once you start talking to yourself, you might start answering yourself, too. And then it's all over.


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