Saturday, September 06, 2014

Anyone Can Be a Meme

I was at the store today when a guy stopped me.

"Are you Irish?" he asked.

I was about to answer that sure, I'm Irish, but mostly Welsh, and English and Scottish, but he didn't let me finish.

"I could tell by your red hair." He said.

Now I was confused. No way anyone really thinks this bottle job is all natural. Especially not today. I put a red conditioning mask on to refresh it a little bit, and it made it a bit more fiery than usual. I try to go for coppery. Red hair is touchy. And sometimes complicated.

Anywho, he continued on, telling me all about his trip to Ireland, how much it had rained, how I must love how green it is over there. And my favorite? How "industrious" my "people" are for building all of those stone walls.

I tried to take a picture of the face I might have been making in my confusion and surprise. It has turned into way too much fun, thanks the suggestion of an old friend on Facebook.

It turned out I could upload the image and generate a meme....

Seriously, Senior year is freaking expensive!


Because I'm sure I make this face way more than I even realize.


That thing my husband hears too often...


I think this almost always gets said to either Brennan or Quinn.


This one's reserved largely for things I see on the internet.

Yes, this is the most exciting thing I've done this Saturday, besides binge watch old Dog Whisperer episodes and trying to take my dog for a walk.  But now I'm going to have some Bailey's on the rocks.  You know, while I keep binge watching the Dog Whisperer.  

Shut up 21 year old me. I can totally hear you.

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  1. Bwahhahahh! I love this post and all your captions. I can relate to so many of them! I love that guy talking to you about your red hair too. So funny!!

    1. Well, we Irish are very approachable...

  2. Love the face, and the memes. Your people are so talented ;)


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