Monday, September 08, 2014

Five Is The New Two

When I say Five is the new Two, I mean, as in Terrible. The Terrible Twos.

Granted, the Terrible Twos are sometimes followed up by the Thrashing Threes and the Ferocious Fours, but I'm pretty much used to it being done by Five.

There is something about having started school that has made Brennan decide that every conceivable boundary is now up for renegotiation. I'm not sure what gave him that idea. Because let me tell you, they're not.

That child is sleeping on the couch in our living room. He wants to sleep with Quinn, but he wouldn't stop playing around. I laid out the boundaries carefully. He crossed them.

Then he was put in his own bed. I laid out the new boundaries carefully. He crossed them.

Now he's on the couch where his dad and I can keep an eye on him, he can't get into trouble, he can't keep anyone else awake, and (most importantly) he can't keep himself awake. Because I'm fairly certain that there's a sleep issue going on here. He's keeping himself up hours past his bedtime, then he's grouchy at school, then he falls asleep when he gets home, and the whole cycle continues.

I know I'm an asshole when I don't get enough sleep. I can't see why the same couldn't be true for him.

I hate that we have to do it like this, but I made it clear to him: this was all his choices.

"Make good choices" is the best advice for every age. Which I suppose means a mocha-cafe-latte-vodka-valium, is probably not a good idea. It still seems like a good choice after going several rounds with my five year old. Kid is tougher than he looks!

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