Friday, September 12, 2014

I Have Terrible Timing

I hate household projects. Hate them with a fiery passion.

But a man came to my house today to assess it for a county program that fixes up certain things in houses to help make them healthier. And there are some things they're going to be doing for us, which is fantastic!

While he was here, he pointed out something simple I could do to improve the way our house heats and cools. So, I started working on it. And once I start something, I have to finish it. Because I hate things being half finished.

So, I moved all the furniture around in the girls room, and then I moved a bunch of furniture around in the living room.

And then I moved a bookcase downstairs into our room, and rearranged the furniture in our room.

Now I'm just tired. But of course there's now the hallway problem. I have this long blank wall that goes into the hallway. If I put something on it that juts out, I make the hallway smaller. So what do I put there so it doesn't look so unfinished?

Honestly, I really shouldn't start household projects at 8 pm on a Friday night.  What is wrong with me?


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