Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm Not That Kind Of Witch

I took a break from my all day data-entry session, to give three of my little boys a haircut. 

Brennan (5) climbs up to sit in the chair, and as I wrap the cape around him, he starts into his conversation.

Because Brennan always has a conversation. You just have to hope you can find your way in it.

"Mommy," he says, "I'm afraid of Halloween. It's a very scary day."

"Oh, Sweetie!" I respond, giving him a big excited smile, "You don't have to be afraid of Halloween! It's our biggest Holiday!

We call is Samhain, and it's the day we honor our loved ones who have gone to the other side. We celebrate the final harvest of the year, and we celebrate our new Year as the Wheel turns and the darker season begins."

Brennan looks up at me, suspiciously.

"How do you know that?"

"Well, that's easy.

It's because I'm a Witch."

"AH! A Witch?!? But witches are scary! You can't be a witch!" and at this point he looks thoroughly bewildered.

"Brennan, silly boy, I don't think you understand what real Witches are. Many of us who follow the Goddess and the God, we call ourselves Witches. Witches worship the Goddess and the God by following the cycles of the Earth, and taking care of our planet. Remember when we celebrated in the circle for Lughnasadh, and Mabon? That's what Witches do.

It's not scary. It's beautiful."

"That's what Witches do? Then, am I a witch too?"

"Well, Sweet Boy, that has to be your choice. But for now, you can keep celebrating with us, as a family, until you decide what path you will take, for yourself.

So, can I cut your hair now?"

And, with that, the conversation turned to silly things like, what do you call a cow and two rabbits? Jenga.

Total nonsense.

But honestly, how is it with the overt Paganism in our house, my child is still more influenced by what he's seen on TV of women in tall black hats, stirring their cauldrons, or dancing naked beneath the full moon.

I mean really, we only do that on special occasions.

As for me, I'm calling Pagan Mom Fail on that one. Time to ramp up our religious education, I think.

I wonder what else our kids have completely wrong, thanks to pop culture? Honestly, I don't even own a pointy black hat. Maybe I should.

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