Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Mabon!

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It's Mabon, everyone!

Maybe I should explain what Mabon is, just in case anyone is unfamiliar with it.

Mabon is one of the three harvest festivals in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It is the autumn equinox, where night and day are again equal. Once again, there is perfect balance.

Our last festival, Lughnasadh, was the grain harvest festival. In contrast, Mabon is the celebration of the fruit harvest, and a day of thanksgiving.

There are many ways to celebrate. There are things to make, and things to cook, and meals to be enjoyed with family and friends. And of course, a ritual of Thanksgiving, to the Gods for what we have.

I love to plan for the Holidays. That said, I think the Gods have an odd sense of humor, because my plans almost never work out. Once again, life has completely gotten in the way. The kids have been sick, I've been sick, now Dominic is sick, and I'm really so tired I could cry. So we are doing a big fat nothing to celebrate this evening.

So, when actual life gets in the way of ideal life, we improvise. My big focus for any day like this, is to stop and reflect. How do we see the earth changing, and the cycles of life turning again? What are we thankful for? How can we take our gratitude and turn it into something useful?

These kinds of thing need no special ceremony, no fancy decorations, no long dinners. These things simply need thought and care.

Tonight, I'm so thankful for a new job that will help support our family. I'm thankful for my husband's job that has been so good to us. I am grateful for a house full of (relatively) healthy children who will be tucked into soft warm beds, tonight. I plan to take my gratitude for my gifts, and pay it forward in service and volunteer work.

So whether your celebration is fancy, or humble, or even if you don't celebrate Mabon at all, I wish you Brightest Mabon Blessings, health, and happiness.

Blessed Be!

A couple of Mabon resources:
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