Friday, September 19, 2014

Surprise Baseball!

I'll tell you a secret. Or, the opposite of a secret. I've never really been much of a sports fan.

I love my L.A. Kings. And I'll root for the Dodgers, since my husband loves them. Or the Angels, since they're my hometown team.

But I never learned to love sports the way some people love sports.

My husband has been working ridiculously hard. Six days a week, overtime, as much as he can, to try to keep our household going. He's amazing. And apparently his manager thought so too. (She seems like a smart lady) So, when she had tickets to give to an employee for the Twins game tonight, she picked my husband.

Of course he found this out today. Game day.

But we went. We were in the Budweiser Roof Deck, which his company had bought out. There was free food, open bar (not that either one of us partook), and nice people.

The game was so much fun to watch live! I got so invested in it, I want to watch all of the games now. That I could be converted into a baseball fan, makes my husband happy in ways I can't explain. And watching my husband get to enjoy his great passion, live, made me pretty happy, too.

Sometimes good things just come out of nowhere, and I have to be willing to seize them. Because, honestly, it's been a long week with sick kids and just plain exhaustion for me. The last thing I wanted to do tonight was drive into the city and be in a crowd.

But going was the best choice. I had such a good time. He had such a good time.

And you know, turns out, the Twins won. It was a great game.


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