Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Best Way Forward

Sometimes the best way forward, is to take a step back.

Today, I had two calls from the school about Brennan before 10 am.

He was sitting on the floor, yelling, and wouldn't stop.

Why? Well, he wanted it to be recess, of course, and it wasn't. This apparently made Brennan mad. Then he ran around the school and had to be prevented from leaving the building.

I had to face facts. He's just not ready for Kindergarten.

He doesn't have enough, patience. He doesn't have enough self control.

Sometimes I think these things get missed in a big family, as siblings compensate for siblings. Especially younger siblings. And allowances are made. He had enough patience for the things I required of him.

When I got the second call this morning, I told the Principle I was coming to pick him up, and I would not be bringing him back. He agreed that was the best course of action. After all, Brennan just isn't ready.

I tried not to cry for an hour or so. I was so excited to see Brennan start Kindergarten, and love school like Quinn. But that's just not Brennan's reality. Brennan is barely five. He wasn't due till October, and if he'd been born on time, wouldn't be eligible for school until next year. He's small, too. 6th percentile for height and weight for his age.

By next year, he'll be six. He'll be more mature. He'll have more self control. He'll be bigger, too. Next year, he'll be ready.

So, I didn't cry. I didn't let my disappointment over what wasn't, win. I let my excitement for what will be, take over.

This wasn't the easiest decision to make. But sometimes the best way forward is to take a step back. Regroup, learn, prepare, process, then come at it again and do it better. That's what we're thinking now. We're giving Brennan the gift of time. The gift of a year to know himself better.

We're totally going to do school stuff at home. I mean, this homeschooling mom hasn't totally forgotten how. But it's going to be laid back and hopefully just getting him super ready for Kindergarten. Next year.


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